Tys Consulting

Technology should not increase your load, it should lighten it.




Tys Consulting is interested in helping individuals and small businesses make the most of the technology they have. Whether that means repair, setup, configuration, integration or development for strategy or implementation of Plans, Tys Consulting is ready. References are available upon written request. See our Fees and Terms Section



Sense of style


Just like no two snowflakes are expected to be the same, no two technology solutions will fit the exact same mold. I want to spend the time up front to make sure that Tys Consulting is the right partner for where you are at, currently. That's why the first hour is free as a consultation.

I want to make sure of the technology and processes that are in play already (equipment, infrastructure and utilities) are at least as good as the level of training or expertise of the people using them.  When this balance is off, everything else depending or resulting from it will be off as well. Lets make sure where the attention needs to be invested for the maximum return.


Fees and Terms


Each environment will present its own special requirements, investments and costs. Therefore we have tried to be fair and leverage the most fair schedule of costs dependent on the Customers Position as listed below;

  • Residential & Religous @ $40 per hour after 1st hour (minimum half hour for drop off/repair/remote assist)
    -No charge for initial contact, 1st hour analysis to determine options and issues being faced in order to determine the most beneficials next step
    -Unless under Quaterly Contract Service Agreement, all payments are expected within 15 business days of completion of service
  • Home Office @ $50 per hour after 1st hour (minimum one hour for drop off/repair/remote assist)
    -Same as Residential with the addition of providing reports and details
    -Can create a Service Portal from any system for Remote Access without having a Quarterly Contract Service Agreement
  • Commercial & Business @ $80 per hour after 1st hour (minimum one hour for repair/remote assist)
    -Same as Home Office with the Option of establishing monthly billing at 30 days (per your accounting schedule)